Bristol’s Best Burgers

Having experienced a bit of a MeatWave™ a few years ago with an influx of burger restaurants, I’ve rounded up some of the better offerings out there. I hasten to add that most of these places also offer some excellent veggie options, and I’ll point out the best options as I go, but do check their menus for specific vegetarian/dairy free/GF options.

Grab a pen, it’s about to get tasty…

Get a mouthful of tastiness at Burger Theory


Now based at the Bristol Distilling Co. tap room in Bedminster, you can get a burger (meat, veggie or vegan) and fries for just over £10 – simple but really delicious, and you can try lots of gin too! Two thumbs up.

Double bacon cheese at Chomp (Source: Chomp)

The Burger Joint

Now on the verge of opening their third premises, you can currently find The Burger Joint on Whiteladies Road and North St. I love the assemble-it-yourself menu (although there are some suggestions if you can’t decide) – you get a little pad with tickboxes, choose your meat/veg burger, sauces, toppings and type of bun, then select a side or two. I’ve tried quite a few combos and they’ve all been great, and good value too. A well-deserved success!

Burger Joint
Pile ’em high at The Burger Joint


Hot damn, the moment these guys came on the scene it was all anyone could talk about. Their standard burger has a hefty patty, garlic mayo, pickled red onions and chimmichurri on it! A flavour sensation to be sure, and that’s before you evem start asking about the specials…

Oowee Diner

There are only a couple of seats in this tiny diner, but the menu takes some beating – piled-high burgers oozing with cheese, waffle fries, macaroni cheese fries….it’s a glutton’s paradise and make no mistake. No wonder there’s always a queue out of the door.



Squeezed has a tiny spot in Wapping Wharf but turns out some seriously tasty burgers (and don’t even get me started on their fries with ancho chilli salt, unnnf) with lots of incredible homemade sauces, and additions including crunchy rostis. They also do a fine line in homemade lemonade – a nice sweet & sour accompaniment to your burger.

Three Brothers Burgers

This place on Welsh Back serves up very tasty burgers and a great selection of craft beers and ciders. Their £5 lunch deal is particularly brilliant, and I also love their little terrace on a sunny day. Make sure you chuck plenty of that tasty paprika salt on your chips.


Other local favourites are takeaways YoYo Burger on the Traingle and Ciao Burger on Gloucester Road, although if you want to sit in with a nice retro vibe you should head to American Diner Rocotillo’s.

Burger Theory

The burger choices are always exciting and incorporate some interesting flavours and sauces. Veggies are particularly well looked-after, and their burger ethics also make me feel warm and fuzzy inside (in fact, you can see my reaction to their damn fine Prairie Girl burger in this ridiculous gif)


Smoke & Glaze

After a while hopping around various pubs & markets across Bristol, this pair of chefs have decided to make a home at The Pipe & Slippers on Stokes Croft, serving some flavoursome burgers with interesting twists.

The Hobgoblin

Nowhere does dirty burgers like The Hobgoblin. Have you attempted their Kraken challenge yet? Go for a variety of crazy concoctions, including The Goober: a burger topped with peanut butter, egg and bacon.

hobgoblin food
The meaty offerings at The Hobgoblin. Feel dirty. Very dirrrty.

That should be enough burger research to get you started. If you’re still hungry (or thirsty), here are some other posts to whet your appetite:


33 thoughts on “Bristol’s Best Burgers”

  1. I really need a burger now. They all sound amazing. Do you have any tips for where does the best meat & veggie burgers? Anders doesn’t eat meat but I do, so it would be good to know where offers the best of both worlds 🙂

    Bex x

    1. Chomp historically did great veggie burgers (and their meat ones are excellent) but a friend said they weren’t as good recently – could be worth trying though! I rate Burger Joint & Start the Bus for the best of both worlds (and value)

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