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Bristol Food & Drink: June

The sunshine has arrived, along with lots of fun excuses to spend time outdoors, from beer festivals to food tours. As ever there are also a bunch of new places for you to visit, including a few vegan joints and a couple of exciting newbies at Wapping Wharf.

Start planning your month of munching now…

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Bristol Food & Drink: May

It’s a bumper bank holiday month, so you’ve got even more time to spend on fun days out!

Here’s what I’ve managed to dig out from the the next few weeks, whether you want to go to a buzzing market, sample some wines in a local vineyard, have a cream tea on a boat or want to find a street party.

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Food stalls at St Nicholas Market

I’ve lost count of the amont of times I’ve been asked “What food stalls are there in St Nick’s Market?” or what the newest additions are to Bristol’s food haven, so I figured that it was time to write this guide.

I’ll strive to keep this blog as up to date as possible, which means of course making sure I go there for lunch as much as I can. It’s a tough job, but someone’s gotta do it!

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Bristol Food & Drink: February

Welcome to my first blog post of 2023, and my 11th year of writing this blog!

I always take January off as not much is going on, but February already has plenty of fun stuff to help you see out the last few weeks of winter.

** Note: I had to redo this blog post from scratch after it got wiped, so please take even more time reading + appreciating it so that my fits of rage and subsequent redoing of everything below is a bit more justified. Thankyoubye!

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Bristol Food & Drink: December 2022

As we stumble through the season of Christmas parties and Bratwurst-laden markets, there’s still plenty of other tastiness to keep you busy.

I’m also having January off from the blog so have added some extra treats in for you to start off 2023 (ffs) in the best possible way.

Oh and if you’re still looking for last minute presents, take a look at my Bristol Foodie Gift Guide – it’s got tons of local stuff on there!

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Bristol Food & Drink: November 2022

We’ve arrived at my favourite point in the year – misty evenings, pretty trees, the return of mulled beverages and the perfect conditions for me to sink into a cosy corner of a pub and nurture a dark beer. Lovely stuff.

Whether you’re excited for impending festive vibes (the Bristol Christmas Market opens eye-wateringly early this year – 4th November!), or want to focus more on learning a new cuisine or indulging in a beer trail, I’ve got something to please all tastes in this month’s guide. Read on!

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The Bristol Foodie Gift guide

We all love novelty socks and comedy DVDs, but surely the best present of all to receive is the gift of food (or money, money is also very good).

I usually try to top up the stockings of my nearest and dearest with a few local Bristol treats (inevitably a few find their way into my cupboard, but I see it as commission for my thoughtfulness), so should you be wondering what food & drink gifts to get for friends and family, allow me to show you some of your options…

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Country pubs near Bristol

Here it is, the most requested guide I’ve done so far! People have asked me to write a list of country pubs near Bristol for years, and after visiting a fair few of these and also getting a handful of extra recommendations, here are some of my top picks.

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Bristol Food & Drink: June 2022

It’s summer tiiiime, and Bristol is awash with afternoon tea and all the boozy festivals, from beer to cider to wine!

It’s also World Gin Day on 11th June, so nab yourself a bottle or G&T from one of Bristol’s brilliant gin distilleries.

Read on for more ideas of what to eat and drink this month…

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Bristol’s Best Harbourside Restaurants

Summer in Bristol means eating and drinking by the Harbourside, right?

Personally, my ultimate sign that the sunshine has arrived is when I see legs dangling over the quayside outside Arnolfini, or people jostling for space along the jetties nearby.

This guide is mainly focused on nabbing some a bite to eat in the harbour – if you’re more focused on waterfront boozing, take a look at my Harbourside Pub Crawl guide.

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Bristol Food & Drink: May 2022

It’s a couple of days late due to bank holiday festivities, but here’s your guide to the first foodie flurries of summer in and around Bristol, hurrah!

Scroll on down to see what fun stuff is going on, and keep an eye out for the June guide a bit earlier than usual too, as I’m planning to knock it out before my holiday rather than cake my keyboard in suncream. You’re welcome.

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Bristol’s Best Pub Gardens

We all know that any meal or drinks can be enhanced by a fantastic view. Luckily, with most of Bristol resting on a ridiculous gradient, impressive views over the city and beyond are not hard to come by. Sometimes though, it’s just nice to sit in a good pub garden and take in your surroundings, whether it be on a river bank, on a busy high street or up a behemoth hill. Continue reading Bristol’s Best Pub Gardens

Bristol Food & Drink: April 2022

Ignore the intermittent flurries of snow and hail – spring is here! And in Bristol that means the start of festival season, boat trips and lots of other exciting stuff.

Among the events and new openings, I’ve even chucked in some advance news for big events coming up in May so you can make your plans early. As Maui would say, you’re welcome!

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Bristol Food & Drink: September 2021

As summer slips away and we ease into autumn, I for one am hoping for a sunny September so that we can still enjoy pub gardens and G&Ts for a while longer before settling into fluffy socks and stout season.

From tequila tap rooms to food festivals and some exciting new places to visit, there’s a lot you’ll want to drink and eat this month….

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