Bristol Food & Drink: September


91 Way supper club. Credit: Foozie

Well we can breathe a sigh of relief, as the major festivals have been and gone, the sweatiest days are behind us, and we’ve only got 10 weeks until the Christmas market rocks up (!)

There’s still no shortage of munchy things to do this month though, so sharpen your pencils and hunch over your diary – here’s what September has in store…

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Bristol Food & Drink – August


It’s summer – cider I up!

We’ve reached peak summer guys! (Looks out of window at thick mist and drizzle)

Well, I’m sure the sun will return before long and we can all return to those evenings sat supping cold beer on the quayside. let’s hope, ey?

Of course you already know that August is the month where the International Balloon Fiesta comes to town, and that the Bristol Good Food Awards are now open for voting, but I’m here to tell you about all the other delicious things happening over the next few weeks.

Pour yourself another glass of that wine you found on offer in the Co-op, it’s time to decide where you’ll be munching this month…

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Bristol Food & Drink – July



Well, we’re post-Glastonbury,we have a new mayor, and everyone is quitting everything.

But fear not, there’s plenty to keep you in good spirits throughout July – just read on!

Here are the festivals, tasty events and new openings you can look forward to in the coming weeks…(and that’s in addition to the amazingness that is Upfest coming to the city at the end of the month, and Bristol Harbour Festival!)

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Bristol Food & Drink – June


Well here we are in June (well, almost if you’re a keener reading this on the day I first post it – I’m off on my holidays so it’s a bit early this month!)

It’s officially half way through the year and we’re now well in to festival season; so before you become too sunburnt and dehydrated from existing solely on a diet of scrumpy and Mini Cheddars from the pub, here’s what you should be doing with the next few weeks…

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Where to get your sugar fix in Bristol



We all love a sweet treat to perk up our day, reward ourselves or just because we can’t resist the temptation of a tasty-looking brownie on a cafe counter (I am the ultimate impulse cake purchaser – stop putting them so close to the till!)

Bristol has no shortage of places that will happily send you into a euphoric sugar daze – here are my recommendations, helpfully split out by craving type; you’re welcome.

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