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Food stalls at St Nicholas Market

I’ve lost count of the amont of times I’ve been asked “What food stalls are there in St Nick’s Market?” or what the newest additions are to Bristol’s food haven, so I figured that it was time to write this guide.

I’ll strive to keep this blog as up to date as possible, which means of course making sure I go there for lunch as much as I can. It’s a tough job, but someone’s gotta do it!

Glass Arcade


I’m starting with a big hitter – there’s a reason these guys always have a huge queue, it’s because their Kurdish wraps are ridiculously good. Off the charts. Choose from chargrilled chicken, lamb, halloumi or veg (or a mix) to have in a naan which is freshly made in the tandoor oven as you order – the resulting wrap is longer than my forearm and loaded to the gills with your pick of salads, sauces and filling choice. You can also decide to have the meat/veg and salad in a box with rice or couscous (with some fresh bread on the side) – a lunch which you can easily split over 2 – 3 days.

Piling the wraps high with salad at Matina
Piling the wraps high with salad at Matina

Chilli Daddy

If lip-zinging noodles are your thing, this is the place to come. Chilli Daddy serve up spicy Szechuan dishes, from beef hotpot noodles to chicken dandan, tofu or veg hotpot, or pork saozi. If you’re looking for a bit more choice, their restaurant on Baldwin Street is a mere five minute walk away (my tip: whichever spice level you go for at St Nick’s, lower it by one in Baldwin St, they make their dishes hotter there for some reason!)

Chilli Daddy menu St Nicholas Market

Crafty Beans Cafe

One of the only stalls with seats (albeit only a handful), you can stop here for coffee, cake and a selection of other light bites such as sausage rolls.


The only place I’m aware of selling Tibetan food in Bristol, you might recognise these guys from their regular appearances at markets around Bristol. Choose from fried or steamed momos (dumplings with chicken, beef, spinach & cheese or mushroom & potato filling) with salad and sauces, or thukpa noodles with meat or veg. There’s also the option of the low carb box, with a mix of meats, salad and sauces. Proper comfort food.

Momos at MOMO Bar

Eat a Pitta

Another very popular choice, with the queue often snaking far back at lunchtimes. Choose from a selection of generous falafel and hummus bowls or pittas, topped up with your picks of salad, pickles and sauces.

The salad box at Eat a Pitta
The salad box at Eat a Pitta – huuuuge.

Low and Slow

One for the meat fans! The selection here is really good but can also run out on busier days, so try to get there early! Choices include pulled pork, beef brisket, chicken thigh or pulled jackfruit available in a bun or box, with a range of sides and sauces such as fries, macaroni cheese, pit beans and slaw.

Brisket bun at Low and Slow

Big Juice Bar

Come here for your fresh juices, smoothies and shots, all blitzed up in front of you.

Cafe Atlas

One of the market’s longest-serving traders, and with good reason. Take a seat at one of their little Moroccan-style tables and enjoy a selection of comforting Moroccan dishes including tagine, couscous, baklava and fresh mint tea. Sit inside for cosier vibes, or sit in my preferred location outside and watch the buzz of the market around you.

Cafe Atlas St Nicholas Market


One of Bristol’s biggest exports, and their St Nick’s stall is still going strong! Pick from a plentiful selection of pies (chicken and mushroom, beef and ale, sweet potato and goats cheese, mushroom and asaparagus, plus a range of gluten free and vegan pies), along with your choice of sides. The Mothership is the thing to go for: pie, mash, minty mushy peas, Cheddar & crispy onions.

Pieminister pie and mash

Olive Works

A wholesome selection of Mediterranean salads and sides, including olives, halloumi, and grilled lamb, which you can then choose to have in a box or wrap.

Olive Works salads

Taco Barra

Cheap and cheerful tacos with a range of fillings and sauces to choose from, including several veggie options.

Taco Barra Bristol

Portuguese Taste

From homemade pastel de nata to a filling feijoada (pork and bean stew) and plenty of other comforting Portuguese classics – this is the place to come for a some tasty stodge!

Cod stew at Portuguese Taste Bristol

La Lola

Authentic Spanish dishes with a friendly and bustling vibe – the place is always busy with Spanish visitors so you know it’s good! The menu is short and sweet – chicken and chorizo, seafood, squid ink or vegan paella, huevos rotos, croquetas or baby squid. But what they do, they do well.

La Lola stall, St Nicholas market

Woky Ko

Take your pick from Korean Fried Chicken or Cauliflower, Thai red curry or katsu sauce and noodles or rice, and bang – a big ‘ol tasty lunch you’ll want to eat again as soon as you finish it.

Woky Ko noodles

Exchange Avenue


Take something simple and do it to the best level you can – that’s what Eatchu have managed to do with the simple Japanese gyoza. They knock their tasty steamed & fried dumplings out by the shedload every day, and you can choose to have them on their own with sauce and seasoning, or with rice, noodles or salads.

Eatchu dumplings

Foodie Vietnam

The only proper restaurant within St Nick’s, this canteen-style Vietnamese joint does a selection of flavoursome phos, as well as dishes incuding Nem Nuong (Vietnamese grilled pork sausage), Banh Tom (deep fried prawn with sweet potatos), spring rolls and summer rolls.

Pho at Foodie Vietnam

South Arcade

Royce Rolls

Hefty veggie and vegan rolls and baguettes, as well as cakes, bakes and savoury snacks. There’s plenty of seating if you want to stop for a hot drink and a bite, and the bonus is that unlike most of the places on this list, it’s indoors!

Royce Rolls Bristol

Spice Up Your Life

In the mood for a curry? Stop by this stall which is always piled up with a variety of curries, sides, poppadoms and dips. Good luck trying to choose what to have!

You can also load up on chilli sauces and dried chillies at The Hot Sauce Emporium in the main market building, or check out the street food market on Wine Street every Friday, or the farmers market in front of the Corn Exchange building on Corn Street every other Wednesday.

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We all love novelty socks and comedy DVDs, but surely the best present of all to receive is the gift of food (or money, money is also very good).

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Bristol’s Best Harbourside Restaurants

Summer in Bristol means eating and drinking by the Harbourside, right?

Personally, my ultimate sign that the sunshine has arrived is when I see legs dangling over the quayside outside Arnolfini, or people jostling for space along the jetties nearby.

This guide is mainly focused on nabbing some a bite to eat in the harbour – if you’re more focused on waterfront boozing, take a look at my Harbourside Pub Crawl guide.

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Bristol’s Best Pub Gardens

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Bristol’s Food & drink lockdown essentials

Phew, what a few months ey? It’s been a tumultuous time to say the least, but it’s been amazing to watch how many of Bristol’s food & drink businesses have risen to the challenge with their own delivery services, meal packs, online events and gift vouchers systems.

Here are some of my picks for how you can still enjoy the best of the city’s food scene while staying safe – let me know if you have any others you think I should I add in.

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Bristol’s Best Curry Restaurants

My favourite types of food are those where you can order plenty of dishes and share – tapas, mezze, tagine, and of course curry.

I love all curries the same, whether they’re traditional dals or English-born Baltis, Keralan or Bangladeshi, spicy or creamy.

Speaking of which – some of the places below are region-specific, some are more ‘traditional’ English curry house, one place is even Punjabi, which straddles both India and Pakistan – in any case, I’m trying to cover the general curry vibe in Bristol, and I like a rogan josh as much as the next guy, but I am enjoying learning more about the different regions of Bristol and what their different cuisines entail.

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Oldies but goodies: Bristol institutions

Empty plates at Poco (Credit: Alex Poulter,

It’s easy to get caught up with the latest openings and new exciting places (and there is plenty to be excited about at the moment), but I thought it was time to give some appreciation to the places that have kept me fed and watered with consistently brilliant fare since I moved to Bristol twelve (bloody hell) years ago.

Let me know your favourite places on Twitter or Facebook, and I’ll add them in later!

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Bristol’s Best Pizza Joints

Food doesn’t come much simpler and comforting than a pizza, and yet some places have managed to take the basics of dough, tomato sauce and cheese and make something quite spectacular.

Whether you like your pizza straight from a wood-fired oven, made from sourdough, served alongside a flight of cider or made with vegan cheese, Bristol has something for every preference and persuasion.

So without further ado, here are Bristol’s most perfect purveyors of all thing pizza….

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Vegetarian Bristol & Bath


Bristol now has more than its fair share of vegan and veggie places to eat, earning it a place as the most popular vegan city in the world.

I’m always happy to go to vegetarian restaurants, and tend to eat out a lot at Japanese, Korean and Indian restaurants, which by their nature offer extensive vegetarian choices (check out Tuk Tuck, Bento Boss and Nutmeg for particularly good examples of this), but even so it seems only fair to have a fully fledged vegetarian give their thoughts about the best of what’s on offer.

Read on to see what other plant-based treats you can get your hands on across the city!
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Bristol’s Best Food & Drink Experiences

Not only is Bristol packed to the gills with amazing restaurants, bars and cafes, but there are also plenty of opportunities to learn from the experts or have a go at making something yourself!

Whether you want to learn how to make sushi or tell a Merlot from a Malbec, here are plenty of tasty experiences across the city…

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Bristol Food & Drink: The 2019 Highlights

Well 2019. It’s been a mixed bag on all fronts, hasn’t it? Some amazing new food & drink places arrived in the city, the city & its restaurants won even more accolades, we welcomed another new eating district to the city (hi, Finzel’s Reach!), but we also had to bid farewell to some really great businesses.

Alongside the celebration of all the brilliant businesses & events below, it’s a good time to remember that things have never been tougher for independents, so make sure you shop, dine & drink local as much as you can in the new year – we really are spoilt for choice in Bristol, let’s keep it that way!

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Bristol’s Best Date Locations

Finally plucked up the courage to ask the object of your affection out for a drink? Or want to spoil your significant other?

Here are a few suggestions for your next date night, whether it’s a casual coffee, a slap-up dinner or a relaxed bite to eat – all a bit special, not too noisy and with a nice atmosphere to allow you to have the perfect time with your beau. Happy smooching!

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Bristol’s Classiest Cocktail Bars

Picture of Whiskey Sour

Credit: Alex Poulter (

We all have times when we’re in need of a night out to make us feel a bit special, or wanting to find a place that feels a bit more quiet and hidden away.

Bristol has become famous for its variety of speakeasies and secret bars, all of which offer something a bit different, without being pretentious or too exclusive. With that in mind, here are some places where you can imbibe the finest cocktail concoctions in Bristol…

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Mulled Wine & Winter Warmers in Bristol

One of the best things about the weather getting colder is huddling in cosy corners in your thickest jumper, sipping a warm cider and snacking on festive treats.

It can sometimes be a mission to find the sort of comfort drink you’re after though, so on the suggestion of a friend I’ve put together a rudimentary list of places that will fulfill all of your winter boozing needs.

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Where to Treat Yourself in Bristol

Interior of The Ox
The interior of The Ox, almost as tasty as its menu.

Want to celebrate a birthday, have a family meal or spoil that special someone?

As you’d expect, Bristol is brimming with excellent food options to suit every budget and taste; in fact you can eat well at many of the places below for a little over £10 – be sure to check their early bird deals or see if you can find them on the Wriggle app.

I’ve split the selections below by type, from serious sophistication down to the quirkier venues in town, so whether you’re on a date or a work do, you can work out the sort of mood & location that suits you best.

Break out your best shoes, smooth down your hair and straighten your bow tie – here are my tips for where to go when you’re in need of a serious treat in Bristol…

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Bristol’s Best Burgers

Having experienced a bit of a MeatWave™ a few years ago with an influx of burger restaurants, I’ve rounded up some of the better offerings out there. I hasten to add that most of these places also offer some excellent veggie options, and I’ll point out the best options as I go, but do check their menus for specific vegetarian/dairy free/GF options.

Grab a pen, it’s about to get tasty…

Get a mouthful of tastiness at Burger Theory

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Budget Dining in Bristol

Fresh food for a great price at Sky Kong Kong Credit: Simple Lampoon
Fresh food for a great price at Sky Kong Kong
Credit: Simple Lampoon

Many of my friends wonder how I can afford to go out so much in Bristol, but I’m always quick to respond that Bristol, for a city, is not expensive to eat in, or at least has a wide variety of food options to suit any budget.

Considering my tastes lean towards craft beer, steak and tapas, all traditionally expensive choices, I have never struggled to find places in Bristol that I can afford to visit again and again.

So I thought I’d share a few with you here, because in these frugal times, as much as it’s sensible to tighten our belts, it’s also important to keep supporting local businesses, and get outside to try something new with friends too!

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Where to get your sugar fix in Bristol

We all love a sweet treat to perk up our day, reward ourselves or just because we can’t resist the temptation of a tasty-looking brownie on a cafe counter (I am the ultimate impulse cake purchaser – stop putting them so close to the till!)

Bristol has no shortage of places that will happily send you into a euphoric sugar daze – here are my recommendations, helpfully split out by craving type; you’re welcome.

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The 12 Best Brunches in Bristol

Beautiful breakfasts at Spicer + Cole

Weekends are special for all sorts of reasons, and not just the fact that you’re out of the office for a blissful 48 hours.

The two greatest reasons must be the fact that you have the opportunity for a lie-in and also that you get to take as long as you want over your breakfast, without having to try and eat your toast whilst simultaneously putting on your coat and shoving your packed lunch in your bag. Here are a few of my favourite places for a leisurely brunch…

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Bristol Food & Drink: The 2017 Highlights!

The new year is nigh! We’ve been through another busy few months, where Bristol has firmly cemented itself as a food destination to rival even London.

There have been many gushing reviews from esteemed critics, awards and new places. There have also been the inevitable closures – but more on that later.

I’ve tried to round up some of the key Bristol food & drink moments of 2017, as well as asking some locals for their munching highlights of the year.  Strap in, here are the best bits of what we ate in the year 2017…

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6 Places to Broaden Your Eating Horizons in Bristol

Get your Jane Austen vibe on at The Historical Dining Rooms

*Updated September 2016*

It’s easy to fall into unadventurous habits when it comes to food.

We all know what we like, and sometimes all you want at the end of a busy day is a reliably good pizza or a comforting sausage sandwich – but I’m here to tell you it’s about time you broadened your horizons and tried the full array of food experiences that Bristol has to offer!

Here are some of my top tips for where to munch something a little bit different…

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The Quest for the Best Roast in Bristol – Part Three

The roast dinner at The Beer Emporium
The roast at The Beer Emporium

I’ve eaten a lot of good roast dinners during my year-long quest across Bristol, and as loathe as I was to make these posts into a trilogy, it now looks almost inevitable that there will be a Part 4 at some point – there are just too many places remaining that I want to try!

For now though, here are my highlights from the past few months; feel free to tell me what you thought of the places I’ve listed, or recommend new places for me to try. Also make sure you check out Part One and Part Two of my roast dinner quest! Continue reading The Quest for the Best Roast in Bristol – Part Three