The Bristol Foodie Gift guide

We all love novelty socks and comedy DVDs, but surely the best present of all to receive is the gift of food (or money, money is also very good).

I usually try to top up the stockings of my nearest and dearest with a few local Bristol treats (inevitably a few find their way into my cupboard, but I see it as commission for my thoughtfulness), so should you be wondering what food & drink gifts to get for friends and family, allow me to show you some of your options…



Let’s start with my favourite. Whether you’re after a bottle of something simple or wanting to pull out all the stops, here are a few ideas:

cave bristol hamper

Cider gift



Moor Beer Christmas gift set

Hampers & gift sets

  • Papadeli in Clifton allows you to pick up treats in store for hampers and gift sets, otherwise you can order their pre-made hampers online, including a luxury Italian selection, or gourmet Spanish treats.
  • Create a bespoke box of Bristol goodies to deliver across the UK with Box Local – choose from booze, sweet treats, coffee, cheeses, soft drinks, bath bombs, candles and even Bristol-themed homewares.

Papadeli hamper

  • Create a bespoke box of Bristol goodies to deliver across the UK with Box Local – choose from booze, sweet treats, coffee, cheeses, soft drinks, bath bombs, candles and even Bristol-themed homewares.
  • Avery’s is doing a range of wine-based hampers which also include chocolates, biscuits and other festive treats.
  • Two Belly do a range of booze and food gift sets, including a Beer Sommelier Box, a Cheese & Beer Box and a Cider Box.
Christmas Hamper WINE & TREATS
Treat someone to some goodies from Box Local
  • You can browse a wide range of high quality Spanish products , hampers and gift sets in the Mercado 44 online shop (you can also now buy Bar 44’s book to try their recipes at home!), or Mevalco‘s online store which even includes several luxury Spanish hampers.
  • Looking for more treats of the Mediterranean persuasion? El Colmado on Gloucester Road (they also have an online shop) and Sotiris Bakery on Park Row does a great selection of Greek biccies, pastries and sweeties that would brighten up any stocking.
spanish goodies
Spanish goodies from El Colmado

The Bristol Cheesemonger

Local produce

Made in Bristol, available to munch anywhere you choose…


Zara's Chocolates

Gingerbeards' Preserves



Not content with feeding people up?  How about giving your buddy a voucher for a cookery lesson or boozy tasting? Or do what I did and book an event you want to go to anyway, so you get to rope in a plus one!

Tastings & workshops


Cookery classes

  • Little Kitchen offer vouchers for their cookery school – workshops start at £18, and include everything from kids’ classes, pasta making and cake decorating to street food.
  • Papadeli offers vouchers for their cookery classes for their cookery classes, which cover everything from Middle Eastern cooking to how to make the perfect pudding.
  • Vouchers are also available for masterclasses & dinners at Square Food Foundation, where you can try your hand at making bread, vegan dishes, Mexican street food and more.



Meal vouchers

Many of the restaurants in Wapping Wharf are offering meal vouchers for Christmas – including Root, Cargo Cantina, Bertha’s and Box-E (who have a selection of vouchers, including for their Kitchen Table dinners).

I’d recommend getting a vouchers for a 91 Ways supperclub or a copy of their wonderful recipe book Eat Share Love, which features a range of recipes and stories from their community of cooks – the money raised goes to supporting their projects across the city.

You can also nab a voucher for All About the Cooks, which lets you order delicious meals from home cooks across Bristol, from Egyptian and Indian feasts to homely Italian dishes and South American cakes.


Finally, if you’re looking for a new recipe book I can recommend the Bristol & Bath Cook Book, which features interviews and recipes with lots of local bars & restaurants, including Pinkmans, Pasture, The Bristol Food Tour and more.

In the mean time, here are some other food & drink guides to keep you occupied…

Bristol food and drink Gift guide


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  1. Nice one, Shonette! This is great thank you. I’ve already splurged on a Port’O’Bristol many wines box for parents because of you 🙂

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