Where to get your sugar fix in Bristol

We all love a sweet treat to perk up our day, reward ourselves or just because we can’t resist the temptation of a tasty-looking brownie on a cafe counter (I am the ultimate impulse cake purchaser – stop putting them so close to the till!)

Bristol has no shortage of places that will happily send you into a euphoric sugar daze – here are my recommendations, helpfully split out by craving type; you’re welcome.

Cakes & Pastries

Harts Bakery
Tucked away in one of the arches next to Temple Meads, this bakery does many things ridiculously well, but owner Laura’s true passion for pastry shines through with the amazing croissants, danishes and other goodies this place knocks out. How you’ll choose is another matter entirely.

Ahh Toots
Many’s the time I’ve found myself gawping at the display at Ahh Toots’ shop on Christmas Steps, even when I’ve not been hungry (a rare occurence) – the cakes are the most beautiful you’re likely to see anywhere, and believe it or not they taste just as good as they look. A cake lover’s dream.


Slick continental bakery vibe at the front, chilled dining at the back – this place has something for any meal of the day, but the most eye-catching items are definitely the vast array of pastries, cookies, muffins and cakes on display. My favourites are the lemon tart and the sourdoughnuts, but I’m sure you’ll have your own!

Pippin Doughnuts
They only show up once a week at the Wine St market on Fridays morning, but hot damn these are good doughnuts. Massive and filled with a generous helping of whichever filling you opt for (mixed berry or vanilla custard are my faves, but they also have a range of seasonal options alongside the regular selection). Be quick though – they tend to sell out fast!

Of course, we’re lucky to have several local bakeries dotted around the city which all serve some very special cakes, including East Bristol Bakery in Easton (who also do a variety of vegan treats) and Joe’s Bakery on Gloucester Road (who do a great mix of traditional and seasonal specials), as well as the talented bakers selling without having permanent premises, such as on-demand bakers 280 Bakes, food market favourite American Kitchen (one day I’ll finally get to try their key lime pie) and Fusion Cakes & Bakeswho do an incredible gluten-free range.

Ice cream & Gelato

I haven’t got enough time to tell you why you need to go to Swoon, but take my word for it, the gelato here is first rate, and that’s before you even start exploring their mini portions, gelato cakes and lollies. Hot damn. (Read my full review on SaucyPans if you like)

Gelato lollies and mini portions at Swoon – how will you decide?

Coco’s Desserts
Gelato, crepes, waffles and a manner of other goodies – available on Stapleton Road or in Kingswood – so a serious sugar fix is not just the preserve of Central Bristolians!

Vee Double Moo
Top notch soft serve ice cream from a cute VW camper on College Green (and the odd food market, keep track of their appearances on their Twitter feed) – pay them a visit for some damn fine sundaes, and if you’re lucky they’ll even be doing one of their boozier concoctions!

Of course if you’re in town you also have the neon & chrome-tastic ice cream parlour options of Sundaes on Baldwin St, or Kaspa’s Desserts on Park S – all good fun, but they don’t quite match the places above in my humble opinion!


Making top notch chocs for the people of Bristol since 1910; head along to their Small St shop to bag yourself a selection of luxury handmade chocolates, truffles and fondants. Their gift boxes make for one of the best presents in the city – whether you get one for that special someone or yourself is up to you.

Bar Chocolat
Want to enjoy a huge slice of chocolate cake alongside a mug of rich hot chocolate, with some dainty chocolates on the side? Get yourself over to Clifton Village and pull up a chair at Bar Chocolat; it’s the only place where you can seriously overload on cocoa-y goodness.

Fully loaded hot chocolate, with chocolate cake on the side? A thousand times yes!

Zara’s Chocolates
This lovely shop on North Street not only sells beautiful luxury chocolates, but also  does special chocolate hampers (!), hosts chocolate parties (!!) and even allows you to book on to chocolate workshops to learn the art of a chocolatier.


Choose from a mind-boggling selection of fillings, from fruit to cake to chocolate bars, then watch as they chuck it all in a blender and make it into a naughty milkshake. One of the best hangover cures there is in town. (Mine’s a treacle tart milkshake, by the way)

Three Brothers Burgers
These guys win the milkshake award in my book, mainly because they’re the only people I’ve found who make a proper milkshake, ie. one you can stand a metal spoon upright in. They’re proper thick ice cream milkshakes; with my favourite being the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup one, but the Oreo is also great.


The Lanes
On the list mainly because they do boozy shakes, play good music, have a bowling alley AND a karaoke room – what more do you need?

That should be enough for you all to be getting on with – let me know if I missed any goodies either in the comments below or on Twitter. If you’re in the mood for some more Bristol recommendations, how about…

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