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Bristol Food & Drink: February

Welcome to my first blog post of 2023, and my 11th year of writing this blog!

I always take January off as not much is going on, but February already has plenty of fun stuff to help you see out the last few weeks of winter.

** Note: I had to redo this blog post from scratch after it got wiped, so please take even more time reading + appreciating it so that my fits of rage and subsequent redoing of everything below is a bit more justified. Thankyoubye!

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Bristol Food & Drink: November 2018

We’re little more than a hop, skip and a jump from Christmas now, and while I’m not quite ready to bombard you with festive events yet (the Christmas gift guide is ready though), I am getting very giddy for mulled beverage season.

Last year I did a guide to the best winter warmer drinks in Bristol (to be updated v. soon), and I’m counting the days until it feels sufficiently wintery so that bars will crack out the mulled wine and cider.

Anywho, it’s definitely less festival-y this month, but instead there are oodles of exciting dinner events, workshops and tastings for you to get along to (browse the Events Calendar if you have a date in mind). Grab your mittens and bobble hat, here’s what you could be doing in the coming weeks…

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