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Bristol Food & Drink: September 2019

Thought July and August were the busiest time of year for festivals and food events? Think again!

I’ve long suspected that September is the month where it all really kicks off in Bristol, once we’re all back from our summer holidays, Glastonburys and have packed any kiddies off to school so we can drink gin in front of Judge Judy (can you tell that I’m not a parent?).

Have your Filofax at the ready and a cuppa to sip on – this month’s guide is a BEAST – skip to the end for a full list of dates & events if you can’t be arsed to read my waffle, and tell me what you get up to over on Twitter or Instagram!

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Bristol Food & Drink: August 2018

Welcome to August, well known to Bristolians as BALLOON MONTH, or that oddly calm few weeks when the students aren’t here and half the city is on holiday, so you can actually get a seat at Pasta Loco, or served within 20mins at Hy Brasil (I jest about the latter of course, that is always impossible).

As exciting as this month is, you could also argue that it’s mere preamble for September, when we have Whisky Underground, Bristol Beer Week AND Bristol Craft Beer FestivalI’m also keenly awaiting more news from the Bristol Cocktail Week team for autumn.

Until then, here’s what you can look forward to in August…
(you can skip to the Events Calendar if easier)

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Bristol Food & Drink: May 2018

So I’ve looked at my calendar, and it doesn’t look like I’ll be home much over the next 4 months, because alllll of the fun events are coming to town this summer.

It’s looking particularly exciting this month, with a variety of bank holiday frolics and quirky events going on right up until the end of May.

Strap in, here’s where you’ll be eating and drinking this month…

(If you’re short on time, check the Events Calendar)

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Bristol Food & Drink: September 2017

Bristol Summer

Well as summer begins to limp off into the distance, you could be forgiven for thinking the festivals and frolics would fade with it – but no! September is possibly even boozier than July & August combined.

It’s a great time for celebrating, as Bristol nabbed SEVEN new entries in the Good Food Guide, so pick a few places to raise a toast this month!

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Bristol Food & Drink: June 2017

Dining in the sunshine at Cargo 2 – laaavly.

Ignore the wind and rain – June’s here, I promise!

Despite a bit of a dreary start to my favourite month (it’s my birthday month, and usually the beginning of BBQ season, woop), there are still plenty of food-tastic events to be excited about, whether you want to booze it up, learn a new skill or visit the latest restaurant.

Pack your cagoule and sun cream, it’s time to jump into June…

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