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Bristol Food & Drink: September

Thought July and August were the busiest time of year for festivals and food events? Think again!

I’ve long suspected that September is the month where it all really kicks off in Bristol, once we’re all back from our summer holidays, Glastonburys and have packed any kiddies off to school so we can drink gin in front of Judge Judy (can you tell that I’m not a parent?).

Have your Filofax at the ready and a cuppa to sip on – this month’s guide is a BEAST – skip to the end for a full list of dates & events if you can’t be arsed to read my waffle, and tell me what you get up to over on Twitter or Instagram!

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Bristol Food & Drink: February 2017

Funtime coocktails at the newly-opened Bristol Spirit

Calm yourselves, in the midst of this misty and chaotic start to the year, we also have lots of exciting events to look forward to.

It’s not quite time for Cargo 2 to open, or for the spring festivals, but there’s still plenty to get giddy about. Have your calendars at the ready – it’s time to make notes for February…

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