6 Places to Broaden Your Eating Horizons in Bristol

Get your Jane Austen vibe on at The Historical Dining Rooms

*Updated September 2016*

It’s easy to fall into unadventurous habits when it comes to food.

We all know what we like, and sometimes all you want at the end of a busy day is a reliably good pizza or a comforting sausage sandwich – but I’m here to tell you it’s about time you broadened your horizons and tried the full array of food experiences that Bristol has to offer!

Here are some of my top tips for where to munch something a little bit different…

Mayflower (Cantonese)
Stop limiting yourself to lemon chicken – have a Chinese food adventure! Mayflower next to the Bearpit is popular among Bristol chefs &foodies as well as the Chinese community for its top notch dim sum and traditional dishes including some of the more unfamiliar ingredients of duck tongues, tripe, chicken feet and pig stomach. You can also sample from an extensive & traditional menu at the rather grand Water Sky in Eastville (also brilliant for dim sum) and HK Diner on Park Street.

Aron’s Jewish Deli (Jewish, Hungarian)
This relaxed bistro recently closed its doors to everyday customers, but still offer a delivery service and catering of their lush salt beef and other Jewish food wares. They’re also doing the odd pop-up event so keep your eyes peeled – and here’s hoping they change their minds and bring back their Reubens permanently!

The Reuben sandwich at Aron's - wooooof.
The Reuben sandwich at Aron’s – wooooof.

Surakhan (Korean)
Unfamiliar with the supreme tastiness of Korean cuisine? Well this is the best place is town to get an introduction. I recommend their bibimbap (rice, shredded vegetables and the choice of meat served in a sizzling pot) or the impressive tabletop BBQ (cook it yourself!). If you’re not in the mood to venture into town, Dain Korea on Gloucester Rd also does a great selection of Korean dishes (although no DIY BBQ), with the added bonus of it being BYO, hurrah!

Korean table BBQ - very special!
Korean table BBQ – very special!

Historical Dining Rooms (Ye Olde English)
The origins of the food here may not be as far flung as some of the others on this list (nay, many of the ingredients are grown in their rooftop garden), but that doesn’t make HDR any less special – in fact I bet that most of the menu will be completely unchartered territory for you (Stockfish? Skuets? Roasted Milk?). Pop in for a lavish journey through England’s culinary heritage, you won’t regret it.

Rice and Things (Jamaican)
If by some unfortunate twist of fate you’ve managed to avoid all of the Caribbean food stalls at St Paul’s Carnival (or vegan maestros Fi Real, or that infamously amazing Jamaican style roast dinner at The Kings Head) then you have my deepest sympathies. Remedy this immediately with a trip to this chilled restaurant, which will pile your plate with homely Jamaican dishes including curry goat, ackee & saltfish and lots of jerked or fried chicken. Yummmm.

La Casbah (Moroccan)
There are plenty of decent places for Moroccan fare in Bristol (Souk Kitchen being my favourite), but only a couple give you an authentic experience, and La Casbah is one of them. Their fish and seafood tagines are particularly good, but the marinated meats and vegetable stews are also first rate. It’s BYO too! Assilah in Totterdown is also BYO and well worth a visit for their tagines & meshwi (grilled meats) and is just as cosy as Casbah.

Starter selection at La Casbah - a mini feast. (Credit: Maria's Bristol)
Starter selection at La Casbah – a mini feast.
(Credit: Maria’s Bristol)

I look forward to hearing about your adventures – let me know what you end up trying, or if there are any places I’ve missed off!

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