So so so Scandi-alous!

I’m so fickle.

DurImageing my early teens, my unashamed fandom for Hanson (no sniggering in the back) gave me an obsessive (or as I liked to say, “Dedicated”) love for all things American. I memorised all of the states and their capitals, I started watching NBA and I developed an irrational craving for over-sweetened and flavourless snacks like Twinkies and Hershey bars.

When I turned 18, my palate became a bit more refined and I moved on to a love of Spanish food and culture. I can trace this all back to 2 key moments: the first time I travelled to Ibiza and the night I stumbled upon Almodovar’s film ‘Live Flesh’ on Channel 4.

The former had started to cultivate an appreciation for the diversity of Spanish culture – the nuances of the different regions and the intriguing historical and political background of not just Ibiza itself, but Spain in general. Image

Almodovar, with his flamboyant auteurism introduced me to the camp and comedic side of Spanish culture – something I find additionally interesting as it sits so much at odds with Spain’s dark recent past with the civil war, Francoism and the oppression of the population in favour of fervent traditionalism.

In recent years, my interest in Spain and Latin America hasn’t dulled, but I do have a new favourite on my radar. As is the wont of the masses at the moment, I’m partial to the exports of Scandinavia.

ImageMy current most-thumbed recipe book is ‘Scandilicious’ by Signe Johansen (I recommend the cinnamon buns & ‘Jansson’s temptation’), I’m constantly checking Ryanair & Easyjet for cheap flight combinations to achieve my dream of doing a Copenhagen-Gothenburg-Stockholm gig tour and I’ve got several playlists at work to sate my cravings for Swedish indie-pop and Nordic folk. I’ve even found myself perusing some overpriced homeware websites for some typically Scandi fabric designs. HELP ME, I’M A SELL OUT.

However, for those of you who aren’t adverse to being converted, here’s a nice playlist to start you off:

Jens Lekman – An Argument With Myself
Figurines – The Wonder
Beta Satan – Free Advice
Friska Viljor – Monday
Tiger Tunes – Kirsten Is A F***-Machine
The Tallest Man On Earth – The Gardener
Kingston Wall – I’m Not The One
I’m From Barcelona – Treehouse
Peter Bjorn And John – Objects Of My Affection
Taken By Trees – Tell Me


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