So, here begins my second ever blog.

The first ended up being an accidental venting transcript in the place of a diary. I’m intending on this blog being more of a record of the numerous cool things I get up to in Bristol; an ode to the cheerful and friendly city I now call home.

I already write a diary and make scrapbooks to remind me of what I’ve done in the months gone by, but this is hopefully going to be something a bit more live and evolving – I want to get feedback on what to write about, what not to write about, and how to write better.

So, I’ll try to write up any particularly good gigs or events I go to; any nice bars, restaurants or cafes I’ve discovered or frequent; the fun projects I get involved in and any general titbits I think I want to share with people. I hope it’s interesting, even better if it’s inspiring.