Bristol Food & Drink: February


Happy February – your diet ends here at The Parlour!

After a month off I’m back with a fresh list of exciting food & drink frolics to whet your appetite for February!

January was a bit of a quiet one, although I did do my first ickle interview on the telly (talking about the Bristol food scene on Made in Bristol TV), and I also found out that people prefer their bananas yellow rather than green or brownfollow me on Twitter for more insightful polls and questions.

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Bristol: The 2015 Food & Drink Highlights!


Just a few of the amazing events organised by Foozie – legends!

Well. WELL. If 2014 was the year that Bristol started to accelerate its food & drink scene, 2015 is the year it really hit the big time.

From the arrival of several big national chains such as MEATliquor and Wahaca to reviews from some of the best-known food critics in the land (all heaping praise on excellent locals such Birch, Bellita and Flour & Ash), Bristol has really matured into arguably the UK’s most exciting location for new & independent food & drink businesses – hurrah!

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7 Places to Broaden Your Eating Horizons in Bristol

Latkes with smoked salmon at Aron's Jewish Deli - so pretty!

Latkes with smoked salmon at Aron’s Jewish Deli – so pretty!

It’s easy to fall into unadventurous habits when it comes to food.

We all know what we like, and sometimes all you want at the end of a busy day is a reliably good pizza or a comforting sausage sandwich – but I’m here to tell you it’s about time you broadened your horizons and tried the full array of food experiences that Bristol has to offer!

Here are some of my top tips for where to munch something a little bit different…

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Bristol Food & Drink: October

Bristol Cocktail Week

Following the beery mayhem of Bristol Beer Week, October sees us get all fancy and sophisticated, with the return of the rather snazzy Bristol Cocktail Week.

This month also sees more excellent pop-ups across Bristol’s bars, lots of great tasting events and some exciting Halloween parties, hurrah!

Pull up your warm socks and make yourself a cuppa – here’s what’s in store in October…

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Bristol Food & Drink: September

Volunteer Tavern review

I know that the sun has turned to drizzle and our sandals have switched to boots – but you seriously need to be excited about September.

Not only are all the comedy and music people returning from festivals to entertain us through autumn, but we’ve also got a fully-packed month of food events, beer festivals and general tasty hijinks – hurrah!

So put on your comfy socks and pour yourself a glass of your favourite tipple – here’s what you can look forward to in September…

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